Great… Another Thing For Food Trucks To Worry About

Add community boards to the growing list of things that food trucks now have to worry about! In light of the Frites N Meats explosion on Monday, a member of the Tribeca community board expressed concern about about food trucks being “roving firebombs”. Even though DNAinfo has discovered that the Frites N Meats may have had more than the legal number of propane tanks on their truck at the time of the explosion, it seems a bit hyperbolic to punish all food trucks because of one rule breaker… especially considering this is the first incident like this that I can remember, and food trucks have been a part of the NYC landscape for years and years. Sadly, the anti-food truck movement will look for any reason to get rid of street vendors and this is now going to be added to the list of reasons.

Speaking of the Frites N Meats Truck… members of the NYC Food Truck Association will be donating a portion of their proceeds today to help the Frites N Meats Truck get back on their feet.


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    Ugh…what’s wrong with people? Why is everyone so fucking scared all the time? It reminds of this article I read called the Wussification of America. I know that the issue that the person was bringing up that it was near a school. I don’t know how far, or close, the truck was, but…you can’t shield your children from life itself.

    It’s just not possible.

  • tell that person at the community board to have a Coke and a smile and shut the fuck up.

  • Fear tactics in food trucks….fucking christ people.

    Oh, FYI, a taxi has the propensity to become a people-dozer under the right circumstances. I don’t see anyone trying to ban taxis.

  • “it seems a bit hyperbolic to punish all food trucks because of one rule breaker”.

    What? What punishment are you referring to? “A community board member expressed concern”, that’s what you wrote, correct? Talk about a knee-jerk reaction to nothing.

  • I say re-allow concerts on the Williamsburg waterfront and surround the patrons with a ring of flaming food trucks.

  • this quote i love:” When they idle, they are polluting our air with their diesel generators, and when they are driving around, they can potentially blow up. ”

    Yeah like there aren’t already a zillion of other idling cars and trucks in this city polluting the air. Blame it all on the food trucks. Please.

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    the first thing in any political argument is to instill fear because people react faster to fear than reason

    and tradition also goes above reason so basically the only way to win is to calm everyone down by pointing out the fear in the opponent… but there is no opponent to street food is there? nuts

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    Anyone have a count of how many brick and mortar restaurants have burned down in the past 5 years versus the number of burned up trucks? Maybe they should be more concerned about the non mobile food establishments. As far as pollution, I almost forgot that standard restaurants don’t create any pollution.

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    these people are just too funny. i agree wirh GATE321, this was a sad accident hope fritesnmeats come back soon they were good guys and has really tasty burgers. TELL THE COMMUNITY BOARD TO HAVE A BURGER AND A SMILE & SHUT THE F*** UP

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    how is fritesnmeats a rule breaker? i didnt get that part

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