Frites N Meats Explodes on the West Side Highway

Did you see the crazy late afternoon food truck news yesterday (seemingly ripped from Friday night’s episode of CSI: New York!?)  After serving up lunch yesterday on 46th btw. 6+7th, the Frites N Meats Truck exploded on the West Side Highway en route to serving dinner in Tribeca. It’s not entirely clear what caused the explosion (DNAinfo mentions something about the truck getting into an accident with a car, while the New York Daily News makes it sound like propane tanks on the truck spontaneously caught fire and exploded) but the two employees on the truck were taken to the hospital with “serious but not life threatening” injuries. The owner Hiassam checked in late last night with this update:

We can’t believe this happened, we are shocked…  My brother, Mohamed got banged up pretty good, he will be in the hospital for a short while, everyone else is ok.  But thank God it was not worse. If you publish anything, please Thank everyone for us, the fans, the twitter followers and especially the FDNY, NYPD and EMS. Please Thank them for us. Yes…the truck is destroyed but in the long run, everyone will be fine (it could have been worse.)

Obviously the truck will be off the streets indefinitely, and we wish Mohamed a speedy recovery.


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