Pizza by Certe’s “Cheesesteak” is Really Just a Tasty Meatball Sub

pizza by certe brooklyn cheesesteak

Based on an ongoing forum discussion about cheese steaks in Midtown in the forums got my attention, and jogged my memory a bit. I recalled that Pizza by Certe had a menu item called the “Brooklyn Cheesesteak” ($8.50), which I’d been meaning to try. Try I did, and found that calling this thing a ‘cheese steak’ is a bit of a misnomer.

There’s cheese sure enough – gooey strands of mozzarella, which bind together tender strips of roasted peppers and tomato sauce. But there’s no actual steak in this sandwich. Instead, they use plump and fluffy meatballs, which turned out to be tremendously meaty, competently seasoned, and velvety smooth. It’s a tasty sandwich, but a cheese steak (in the traditional sense) it is not. Then again, with meatballs this good you don’t miss the steak.

Pizza by Certe, 132 East 56th St. (btw. Park+Lex)


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