West End Bar and Grill Opens; Will Serve Pat LaFrieda Burgers

West End Bar and Grill

Back in January, Ciro restaurant (49th & 8th Ave) quietly shuttered, though the Midtown lunch populace didn’t seem too concerned. I walked by over the weekend and noticed that the (seemingly) generic West End Bar and Grill had opened in its place. The drinks on tap are your standard variety, though the restaurant staff promised a daily rotation of happy hours (Mamacita, here’s your cue).

I took a quick peek at the menu, and noted that its your standard line-up of pub grub, wraps, obligatory chicken wings and the like – most of which are over the $10 mark. However, I did notice that their burger, an 8oz Pat LaFrieda patty that comes with fries and all the fixin’s only costs $10. I confirmed with the restaurant staff that the kitchen would be open 7 days a week, including weekday lunch service. Also, according to TONY, the Chef of the restaurant is a former Jean Georges line cook.

Although this type of restaurant is tough to get excited about, the $10 LaFrieda burger and fry deal definitely piqued my interest. If any early adopters try the food here, please chime in with your thoughts in the comments.

West End Bar and Grill, 813 8th Ave (btw. 48+49th)

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    Could anything be less unique and exciting than a Pat LaFrieda burger in 2011? Why go here instead of the other 200 places now serving them, like my kitchen?

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