Baked by Melissa Cupcakes Coming to Times Square

Baked by Melissa

It appears that Baked by Melissa will be bringing their (contentious) cupcakes to the lunchers and tourists in the Times Square area (7th Ave. between 38th & 39th St). I happened to walk by their plywood, which promises that these tiny (some would say overpriced) cupcakes will be available in Spring 2011. Try not to get too excited.


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    I pass by the one in Union Square and never felt the urge to pay $1 per mini cupcake when I could get something organic and wholesome from the greenmarket.

  • Their cupcakes are god awful.

  • These cupcakes are not only overpriced, but they do not taste good. I was really disappointed!!

  • This post depressed me.

    When will they stop falling for the hype??? These are not cupcakes. These are samples at best! Mere suggestions of what a cupcake should be.


  • I blame women…

  • All that said, Times Square is the perfect place for them, no? Foist them on tourists who think they’re getting something super special. Anyone “native” who falls for their game deserves to be parted from their dollar bills.

    • if anything, BBM will serve as a ringer to keep the tourists out of the ‘good’ cupcake places. Magnolia and Serendipity are good tourist holding pens, but I fear they’re at capacity.

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    If you are near the SoHo Baked By Melissa, a cheaper tasty alternative is Sugar Sweet Sunshine on Rivington. Their cupcakes are not mini and they are pretty good though I think their price has risen from 1.50 to 1.75. The place is pretty cute too like a cafe, though its kind of easy to miss if you’re not paying attention.

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    NOOOOOOOOOO!!! That’s right near me.

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