Lenten Fish Fridays: Tri Tip Grill’s Salmon is a Fish Feast

Tri Tip

Tri Tip Grill has quickly become a ML darling. For a chain restaurant they provide a good product at a decent value and they listen to what the customer wants (hello, Midtown Toasty!). And it’s easily one of the best brick and morters to come to Rock Center in ages. While they are best known for their beef, if you’re a huge salmon fan and observing meatless Fridays you might want to make this a Lenten Lunch destination.

Tri Tip Salmon

Like Tri Tip’s other dishes the salmon catches the fire right when you order it so it’s not cold or overdone when you receive it. The fish itself has a bold and smokey grilled flavor. I opted for the “Bayou Peper Salmon Small Plate” for 9.99 which came with two marinated and grilled salmon filets served on “spring greens with Tarragon Aioli.”

Tri Tip Salmon Closeup

The salmon was more than ample, but the greens were basically a token or garnish. I might suggest either splurging for a size of mashers for an additional $2.99 or going with the sandwich version of this for the “Jammin’ Salmon” sandwich for $8.99. As much as I love salmon, unless you’re a protein fiend or salmonphile, the amount of salmon without anything else to mix it up might get a bit monotonous by the end of the first fillet.

You can get a platter version of this for $14.99 which consists of the small plate version plus red mashers and gravy, roasted vegetables, bread and butter. $9.99 is rich for this cheapskate, so I’d have a hard time parting with 15 bucks, but given Tri Tip’s generous portions, I suspect that two people with lighter appetites could probably split the platter and come away satisfied .

Tri Tip Grill, Rockefeller Center Concourse, North Side, (212) 664-1003


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    That’s a very light colored salmon.

    • It wasn’t a very dark pink salmon, but you can see more of the pinkness in the second pic. The sucky lighting in my office is partially to blame for the light look overall.

  • this an april fools joke

    10 calls no answer and online ordering is Comming soon

  • i had the “jammin salmon” sandwich a couple of weeks ago and it was really disappointing and sad. there wasnt that much salmon on there, and it just really paled in comparison to their steak sandwiches, but i guess its like going to peter luger’s and ordering the fish huh.

    • Interesting. I suppose the Luger comparison is apt. If you’re a steak fan, it would be hard for salmon to hold a candle to their tri tip. With the small plate you got so much salmon and so little else, I was hoping that the sandwich would break it up with a little bread. I guess your best bet is adding a side.

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    I have never had the fish, but find the chicken sandwich to be one of the best around. I have had the steak twice and both times found it to be very tough and chewy.

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    When I saw this post, I knew what I had to eat for lunch. Tried the salmon for the first time today and was very impressed — I love the grilled flavor of it and it was very moist despite my instructions to cook it well done. I look at the salmon as yet another dish to add to my Tri-Tip rotation.

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