At Lunch Now: World’s Largest Bakesale is a Complete Madhouse


Not sure if this really is the “World’s Largest Bakesale” (we’ll leave that to Guinness) but it has got to be the world’s largest line to get into a bakesale. Holy mackerel. And that’s just inside!

bakesale outside

To be completely honest, Blondie was too hungry to wait on that line so we’ve got no tips or recommendations to navigate this madhouse… but apparently Emeril’s table sold out by 12:30, so if you were thinking of hitting this up *after* work that might have been a huge miscalculation.

Any brave souls have any reports from the scene? Feel free to put them in the comments.


  • Yeaaah, even if I liked sugary baked goods I would never subject myself to that abject horror show.

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    not gonna lie… i’ve always found it to be a little creepy when you take pictures of random people waiting in a line

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    and then post their pictures on the internet

  • lol, sheeple. Not queuing up to spend money like that.

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    the line was nuts but moved fairly quickly. most of the stands were looking pretty cleaned out but i snagged some fat witch brownies, butterlane cupcakes and a vegan, gluten/soy-free brownie from babycakes. all in less than half an hour and now back in ze office with my spoils :]

  • So not worth it.

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    I went before noon. Crowded, but not yet the mob scene as photographed. You can basically get these goods at their store front and just donate the money on your own to avoid the craziness.

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    Line went really quickly, but by the time I got to the Donatella table, the cannoli were sold out and I snagged the last couple of pizza rustica. And it was 12:45. Feh. But the pizza rustica was AMAZING. Pastry chef said to it’s on the weekend menu.

    Butter Lane was awesome, great bread from Sullivan Street, and espresso from ???? Get a bag of biscotti and it comes with an espresso shot for $3. Can’t beat that with a stick.

  • I was gonna go, but decided to hit the gym instead. I am glad for that decision now as I see the line. I never would have waited on a line like that to buy baked goods. Yikes!

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    I went. My co-worker wanted to opt out, but I told them that it’s better to try than to not try at all. So, the line moved rather quickly and then I fought with breasts inside of coats trying to buy cupcakes and cookies.

  • I like sweets but didn’t believe it was worth the hassle plus I take a late lunch so glad I didn’t bother if stuff already sold out.
    Not like they were giving away tons of pastries.

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    I can only imagine the insanity if they were giving away stuff. But giving away items won’t help fund raise.

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    Wonderful but definitely not the world’s largest bake sale – I have to believe that honor goes to mom Gretchen Holt Witt. Her first bake sale, which was the catalyst for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, along with the help of 250 volunteers raised about $400,000 when they baked 96,000 cookies! Inspired by her son Liam’s diagnosis of neuroblastoma, a deadly childhood cancer (Liam passed on Jan 24th at the age of 6), Cookies for Kids’ Cancer has now raised more than $2.5 million towards childhood cancer research. The story is on their website and it’s incredibly inspiring.

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