Daisy May’s Pulls Food Cart Off the Streets

The day after Crisp announced that they’d be taking their falafel from storefront to the street, we got some bad news from a tipster regarding the M.I.A. Daisy May’s BBQ Cart. “Just wanted to give you guys a heads-up – I noticed the Daisy May’s Cart on 50th St. has not been there for the past couple of weeks and finally decided to give the restaurant a call. It turns out that they’re not doing the cart anymore — a big loss for Midtown lunch options, in my opinion. You guys should spread the word – maybe if enough people request it they’ll bring it back!”  Sad news from one of the original gourmet food carts to launch from a brick and mortar.  Daisy May’s used to pull their carts off the streets when the weather got bad, but this sounds a bit more permanent.  Here’s hoping it’s not! UPDATE IN THE COMMENTS: The cart might be back on April 1st?


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