Lunch Links (The “Flavor Packed Sandwiches” Edition)

Margon’s Cuban. Photo by Food in Mouth.

  • Margon has one of the best Cuban sandwiches in NYC [Food in Mouth]
  • The Le Languedoc at Financier Patisserie is a flavor-packed sandwich [SENY]
  • Tofu edamame balls are the best thing about the Kimchi Taco Truck [Fork in the Road]
  • Schnitzel & Things makes it to the Food Truck Challenge semis [BusinessWeek]
  • Did you know that the mayo at Oms/b is blended in house? [SENY]
  • Manganaro’s might not be going away after all! [NYO via Gothamist]
  • Your first look at the newly open Bierhaus [Grub Street]
  • An ode to Le Rivage from Josh Ozersky [Eater]
  • El Rey del Sabor is better than Mexicue [Tasty Eating]
  • The Stage Deli makes a super juicy pastrami sandwich [Feisty Foodie]
  • Frances Lam says Chipotle is better than Qdoba [Salon]
  • Korilla BBQ is opening two more trucks [Eater]

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