Lenten Fish Fridays: Biryani Cart’s Boneless Fish Curry

Today is the first Friday during Lent, which for our observing Catholic lunch’ers means no meat. Traditionally Lenten Friday lunches might include fish sticks or a tuna sandwich, which have their own special place in the lunch pantheon, but if you’re looking to expand your fish lunch horizons, we’ve got some suggestions for you in the coming weeks. First up the Boneless Fish Curry from Biryani Cart.

“Thou Shall Not Eat Fish from a Cart” is one of those street eating commandments that I had unfailingly observed until a couple years ago. The praise that Kim’s Aunt Cart so regularly received from Zach and fellow midtown lunchers is what convinced me to put aside my squeamishness and give it a try. Kim’s made me a believer and while I’ll admit that I’m still a little sketched by cart fish, it’s something that I will go for on a case by case basis. Biryani Cart debuted some new menu items in November, but I’ve only recently had the chance to try their boneless fish curry.

Biryani Cart fish Special
For $7.00 you get a nice combination of rice, curried veggies, and dal with a fillet of fish on top and some salad. Forgive the photo, the lunch slid around in the container when I took it to go.

Close up Biryani Cart fish special
The fish is moist and tender and was very mild, not at all fishy tasting. The fillet of fish isn’t huge, but it’s a decent portion (bigger than the standard “deck of cards serving metric) and the lentils, rice and veggies round out the meal nicely and make this a more than filling lunch. For those who love fish, but hate little bones, this is a good bet.

Biryani Cart, SW Corner of 46th and 6th


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