Biryani Cart’s New Dal is a Nice Addition to Their Menu

I’m embarrassed to admit that last week while I was doing some lunch time errands, I noticed this sign promoting the new specials at the Biryani Cart (on 46th and 6th).  I was in a rush, and not completely sure they were new, plus I had already had lunch- so I didn’t bother stopping.  But once I read on Friday that these specials were totally new, I had to go check out the channa dal!

For $6 you get a hearty serving of slightly firm yellow lentils and curried onions, potatoes, cauliflower, carrots and string beans. It included a little salad and was topped with white sauce and hot sauce.

The hot sauce is HOT, so the spice adverse should beware–they doused my lunch with white and hot sauce before I gave any approval, so if you are skittish with the spice, be sure to state that upfront. The lunch was served over fragrant basmati rice (watch out for the whole cloves). Overall it was a filling good veggie option and a nice addition to their menu. I look forward to seeing how their Wednesday goat biriyani rates. I did hear that it sold out rather quickly last week, so be warned that the early luncher gets the biriyani!


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    Thanks for this post, Brownie. That looks great!

  • I had the daal on my way to see Harry Potter Friday night. I chose to skip the salad and told the guy to only put white and green sauce on mine; I prefer the spice of the green sauce as it’s less overpowering than the red for my palate. I liked the new rice a lot, and the potato and lentil went quite well together; the curry sauce blends the flavors nicely and I love having cooked onions instead of raw. Also, it managed to stay hot even after a walk from the Biryani cart to the Ziegfeld, so props to hot food. Looking forward to trying the new curry next time!

  • Wow, that looks good.
    Wish there was naan or roti included.

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