Tri Tip Steps Up to Our Dunkin Challenge

Last week I issued a challenge to Tri Tip Grill to outdo Dunkin Donuts’ Big ‘n’ Tasty (the new bacon, egg and cheese on Texas toast), and it only took a few days for them to accept our “suggestion”.  From the owner of Tri Tip:

Let me introduce to you, the aptly named “Midtown Toasty.” 3 strips of bacon, a fried egg, melted cheese on 2 awesome toasted pieces of our challah bread. After checking out the Dunkin’ toasty, there’s no doubt that we are going to be anointed the king of the toasties. The best part is it’s bigger, better, freshly made and is only $.50 more… you can also substitute the bacon for tri tip, if you so choose.

TriTip will be serving the Midtown Toasty ($3.99) all week, and they promise “if we sell 100 of them, we will add it to our breakfast menu permanently.”

Tri Tip Grill, Rockefeller Center Concourse, North Side, (212) 664-1003


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