Free Grand Central Automat Alert

According to Grub Street, the new TV show that brought us buy one get one free Chipotle has set up an automat in Grand Central and will be handing out free food today and tomorrow from 11am to 1pm and again from 5-7pm.  (And if you go tomorrow you might see Curtis Stone and Bobby Flay.)


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    Just went with a coworker. They have 5 different items to sample but you can only pick one: mac and cheese, grilled cheese, marinated chickpeas, fried chicken slider and meatballs.

    Had the chicken slider- was pretty yummy!

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    Curtis Stone was down there. The fried chicken slider was really good. Went for seconds to try the mac and cheese – no complaints there either.

  • Kurtis Blow? Outstanding! Although he hasn’t really done anything good since “The Breaks”

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