Crêpe Monster – A French Classic Flip-Flopped With Asian Flavors

Crepe MonsterIf you’ve followed our coverage of Food Gallery 32, it’s been a story of trial and error, but for the most part, a successful one. Bian Dang’s 3rd floor off-shoot, Crêpe Monster, has followed a similar trajectory of small oversights, but this story ends on a happy note as well. You may recall Crêpe Monster’s preview, which was plagued by long lines and a shapeless menu, but I paid them a visit recently, and was quite pleased with what I saw and tasted.

crepe monster cooking

First of all, the menu has finally found its legs, settling on a curtailed line-up of curated crêpe combos, as well as a DIY option.

Sweet Monsters
Red Rabbit – $6.00
Red bean ice cream, mochi bits, sweetened condensed milk

Milk Toaster – $5.00
Buttered Hong-Kong style raisin toast doused in sweetened condensed milk

Snow Beast – $7.00
Two scoops of ice cream + one spread + two toppings

Baby Beast – $5.50
One scoop of ice cream + one spread + one topping

Savory Monsters
Good Morning Monster – $5.50
Sliced ham, egg, cheese, fresh scallions

Booglie Googlie – $7.50
Bulgogi, sautéed onions, fresh romaine lettuce

Build Your Own
Frankenstein Crêpe – $5.50
One spread + two toppings

Ice Cream
Extra scoops – $1.50
Ice Cream Cups – $3.75
(Red bean, taro, black sesame, almond cookie, zen butter, green tea from Chinatown Ice Cream Factory)

First extra topping – $1.00
2nd and up toppings – $0.50 ea
Topppings: (Strawberries, blueberries, bananas, almonds, peanuts, coconut flakes, graham crackers, whipped cream)
Spreads: (Nutella, dark chocolate, white chocolate)

crepe monster cooking 2

They now have two crêpe irons, and enough staff to man both simultaneously, although the process of creating the crêpe is, by its very nature, a bit on the slow side (anticipate a 5 minute wait per order). And instead of the classic French version, Crêpe Monster’s proclaims there’s to be Tokyo style, which is made slightly crispier with the addition of corn starch. The crêpe is then furnished with toppings and spreads, folded into a cone, and handed over the counter with a smile.

crepe monster finished

On my visit, I went with a Frankenstein Crêpe ($5.50) – sliced-to-order bananas, a sprinkle of crunchy graham crackers, and a generous layer of Nutella crammed into a fresh crêpe with a shatteringly flaky rim and pliable body. The result was outstanding.

I’ve picked up grumblings from various bloggers that Crêpe Monster needs to do a better job of advertising, as few people purposely venture up to the 3rd floor of Food Gallery 32. However, I wouldn’t be disappointed if Crêpe Monster kept themselves a hidden secret for a bit longer – I’d like to try a few more crêpes without the wait.

Crepe Monster in Food Gallery 32 (3rd Floor), 11 W. 32nd Street (btw. 5th and B’way).

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  • good write up Chris. i had a very similar crepe (without the graham crackers).

    i felt they needed better advertising because i was fearful they wouldnt get enough business to stay open! but i dont think its necessarily their fault. i think there just needs to be some signage somewhere on the first 2 floors, to tell people that they’re up there.

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