With Different Bread Cer Te’s Wangen Could Be Another Classic

Cer Te

Oh The Wangen!  A couple weeks ago Cer Te announced a new sandwich for the month of February called “The Wangen”.  Braised Beef Cheeks With Marigold Apples Crispy Sea Salted Cabbage Melted Mountain Gruyere On Finnish Ruis Bread With Coleman’s Mustard for $8.95. I really love cheeks, and despite all the good reviews I had never been to Cer Te- so clearly I had to check it out.  Yes, that’s right.  I have never been to Cer Te (don’t pretend like I’m the only one) but I’ve been meaning to go, and if most of their sandwiches are better than this one you’ll probably find me there once a week.

Cer Te

The beef cheeks were braised to perfection, and had a really good flavor. The added mustard gave it a nice kick at the end. I thought the gruyere was nice as the glue to hold all the loose meat together but taste wise, it might have been a bit too mild for the sandwich. Fellow luncher strongARM, was right about the bread though. The bread that I had was a little stale and dry. I’m thinking a nice soft brioche would’ve been way better or actually anything softer than what I had. Is it possible to ask them to use a different bread? If so, I would 100% eat this tasty meaty sandwich again.

Cer Te
Close up of the tasty cheek meat!

Cer Te, 20 W 55th St (btw. 5+6th), 212-397-2020


  • I love this place. They are so receptive to feedback that they’re probably already discussing which bread to use instead.

  • looove beef cheeks and Certe. I need to check this one out!

  • Thats not the bread I got mine in?? Mine was a dark brown bread. In fact the whole sandwich looks different. I went the first day it was on sale.

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    Interesting point- the bread you have in your photo must be the second try. The bread I had was ruis- a Finnish rye. I can’t say if it was a good version of that kind of bread as I’ve not had it before. If it was, I won’t be moving to Finland anytime soon.

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      I also had the ruis on mine. I actually really liked the way the flavor of the ruis played off the rest of the sandwich’s components, and it managed to barely hold everything together (which doesn’t always happen with cer te’s concoctions), though it was a little dry/crumbly for my tastes. Overall I liked the sandwich and will have it again before the month’s over.

  • Not being a beef-eater, what the heck are beef cheeks? The face? Because, ew. Or the other cheeks? Because double-ew.

    • Yep it’s the face. After a nice braise, it’s one of the most flavorful and tender parts of the cow. I’d take braised beef cheeks over a steak any day of the week.

    • the violence of beef cheeks… nothing compared to what we do to vegans around here

  • I tried it. It’s a very filling/heavy feeling sandwich. Interesting flavors.

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