Is Pret Going After Toasties With Their New Toasties?

The other day I was getting my morning coffee at Pret when I noticed signage for their new Toasties–toasted to order sandwiches. Looks like Pret is trying to get in on the toasted sandwich market. Are “toasties” the new grilled panini (remember when every generic deli/lunch spot was selling grilled round paninis?) Seeing as I was lunch-less, I decided to give the new sandwiches a shot and picked up a Ham & Cheese toastie ($6.50) from the case.

Pret Ham and Cheese Toastie
Here’s the drill, pick your toastie from the refrigerator case and bring it up to the register. They grill it while you wait. All and all the process, at least at the Rock Center branch, was quite quick. They tend to keep people moving.

The sandwich itself was made of Niman Ranch Ham, NY state cheddar, mustard mayo (sorry, Mamacita). The sandwich was pleasantly melty and around the size of a ‘wichcraft grilled cheese, maybe even slightly bigger. ‘wichcraft uses fancier ingredients overall, but along with their recent menu overhaul has also come a price hike (the priciest sandwiches are now clocking in at $9.87 up from $9.50 and the cheapest sandwiches are $6.20 up from $5.95).

Pret Toasties come in several other varieties: Mozzarella & Pesto, Eggs Florentine and Tuna Melt and apparently some locations have Cheese & Onion Toasties and a New York Deli Toastie (salt beef, gherkins and Greve cheese with mustard dressing.)

Not all the Prets have Toasties, but you can check the “Toastie Finder” to locate a Toastie selling option near you so you’ll want to call ahead to make sure (they definitely have them in the Rock Center Concourse and the one on 6th Ave. and 48th). Are they as good as the midtown sandwich shop that goes by the same name? Here’s where I’ll admit I’ve never set foot in that place. Have you?  Let us know which one you think is better…


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