Checking out the New Pork Sandwich at ‘Wichcraft


When Feast NY told us about the new sandwiches at ‘Wichcraft last week, I immediately knew that’s where I was going to head for lunch. ‘Wichcraft is one of my standbys when in a lunch pickle, and any news of sandwich changes needs to be investigated immediately. Also, I have an equal amount of love for pork loin and kale (aka the best vegetable ever.) Apparently they did their pricing with us in mind because, after tax, the sandwich comes in at $9.99.

Pork Loin & Kale

The sandwich has equal parts kale and pork. The kale is wilted and bittersweet; I found it very refreshing to taste a different green vegetable on a lunch sandwich, even if it’s from a chain. The pork loin was lean, yet moist with streaks of fatty goodness. Lastly, the provolone cheese was on the milder side, not overwhelming either of other fillings. All in all, this sandwich is a nice addition to their menu, and I’m excited to try some of the other new options. (I’m looking at you shrimp salad w/ chorizo.)

‘wichcraft, multiple locations


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