Eggstravaganza Cart on the Cooking Channel This Sunday

Spotted this on yesterday’s ML Twitter Tracker but totally forgot to mention it… The Eggstravaganza Cart (on 52nd and Park) is going to be featured on the brunch/breakfast episode of Foodography w/Mo Rocca alongside Aquavit and Chinatown Brasserie.  How cool is that?  The episode airs this Sunday (1/23) at 9pm on the Cooking Channel.  [via Twitter]


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    The signs on this cart are the worst and I assure you it kills any chance at passersby trying them out. This cart is really good, and yet their signs are sloppy running ink… so much so that it would be tough to tell what exactly they are selling. Spend 100 bucks at kinko’s on signs, you’ll make it back in a day.

    • You’re right. I’ve eaten here once and then saw some poorly designed signs and decided that poor handwriting = poor cooking. I urge fellow Midtown Lunchers to boycott this horrible business and force them to go take some penmanship classes and/or splurge for Kinko’s. Wait, no, don’t do that… because its stupid and no one bases food decisions on the handwriting of a CART OWNER.

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    Isn’t there a football game on or something???

  • I love this cart and I love the couple that runs it (are they a couple?). They are hard-working, friendly and make great food at a reasonable price. They do get flustered when there’s a crowd, so I hope they’re bracing themselves for the bump in traffic they’re assured to get after appearing on TV.

    • Wait…what’s the cooking channel? Do they mean the Food Network, or is there another channel?

      • The Scripps Network (also owner of The Food Network) moved any show that involved actual cooking to the Cooking Channel so that they can dedicate Food Network to that jackass Guy Fieri and dumb reality TV shows.

        Think of it as the mid-90′s when MTV stopped showing music videos in favor of The Real World marathons.

  • Who cares about sloppy handwriting? Me don’t.

    And they are bro and sis.

    I used to enjoy their chorizo and egg sandwiches. Muy bueno.

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    I didn’t mean poor cooking, but they have NO business at lunchtime. NONE. I’ve NEVER waited on a line at their cart… not a once, and I go there often at prime time. People walk by, look at the signs, and carry on. I am hoping they do get signs so they can stay in business as there is no way they make enough to carry on like this.

    Blind defensiveness my friend, you assume I’m saying something about the food quality, but I’m really just hoping they smarten up on the brand/signage side of things.

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