Contributor Stalking (The “Make Your Own Ribs” Edition)


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    Zach, the link for pylos is wrong… It goes to ultraclay’s rib recipe instead of chris’s pylos review.

  • I don’t think I have used 6 cups of fish sauce over my entire lifetime…

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    One of those ribs in that pic looks as if it has eyeballs. It creeps me out.

  • damn. Ultraclay’s ribs look delicious. I have to try to make those pronto! And I am always looking for crockpot recipes for mine that is always collecting dust.
    However, those indonesian long peppers are mad expensive and hard to find (not in stock at amazon). I read that Indian grocers would carry it as Pippali. Maybe it is cheaper there.

    Looks good! Thanks for the recipe!!

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