Pump Energy Food Gets (Another?) Makeover

Confession time. I’ve been an occasional customer of The Pump for years (hides head in shame). I know there are a lot of haters out there, but for any of you fans who are probably also in hiding, the West 55th Street branch (btw 5th and 6th) reopened yesterday with a completely new look (no more muscle protein shops) and updates to the menu since Zach’s visit last year. Looks like the Dionysus plates have been replaced with dishes made with all local, seasonal and sustainable. I couldn’t care less about the new vintage look and antique bric-a-brac, but I am interested to see how the food stacks up. I’ll swing by soon to check it out. In the meantime, early adopters feel free to let us know what you think of the new Pump in the comments.


  • I’m perplexed by this entire post. 1) The makover is not new. They completely reinvented the whole chain quite a while ago and 2) Are there really a lot of haters? Why? This whole nonsense about throwing bile on anything that attempts to be even a little bit healthful is baffling. I like unhealthy food too, but I don’t eat it every day. Any restaurant that sells fresh, healthful, tasty food at a reasonable price should be celebrated. I seriously LOVE this place.

    As for the food, I also miss the Dionysis plate, which was awesome and filling and cheap. What I like from their new menu is the the slow braised beef over brown rice with sweet potatoes. It’s really delicious.

    • The Pump has been gradually renovating all of their locations and the 55th street branch was the last to get the spruce up and just reopened with the new look. Since Zach visited (I actually accompanied him last year) they’ve added a few new dishes (they now have seasonal veggie specials). http://www.thepumpenergyfood.com/menu/ThePump55th_menu.pdf

      I don’t hate The Pump, they happen to have a bad rap on this site. While their food tends towards the pricier end of the ML spectrum, it’s high quality (especially with the local/natural/organic new menu) and a good option for if you’re watching what you eat. I miss their all day breakfast, I seem to remember a baked egg white pita with tomato sauce from log ago. Sadly it looks like only the 40th street location does breakfast in midtown.

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    Completely agree with @pigiron. I love eating at the Pump because I don’t have to worry about what is going into my food — I know the ingredients are fresh and good for me. The “new” Pump is good, but I admittedly liked the “old” Pump’s menu a lot better, although the quality of food in the new Pump is much better. Their new menu is a lot more restricted, and they don’t have their non-fat apple pie any longer.

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    When I first started working in Midtown I walked past a Pump…. saw the sign out front saying “Nothing fried, no butter, no cream, etc”. I took that to mean “No Flavor” and never gave it a try. Was I wrong?

    • @now Im hungry: You’re wrong only if you believe that it’s possible to have flavor in food without frying it or drowning it in fat and salt.

      @NYCguy: I also liked the old menu better, but what they’re serving now is also great.

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    I agree with pigiron and NYCguy. Until I had a health scare a couple years ago, I would have agreed with now Im hungry, but now I need to watch my diet closely. Pump has been a savior – great quality, simply prepared, with tasty sauces that aren’t bad for you. I to the location at 52nd between Lex and 3rd a couple times a week. Sorry I never got to experience the old menu!

  • How is the service? On menupages.com the reviews weren’t flattering, and it seemed the service sucked. I went to the 55th St one like 8 years ago and it was a madhouse. I don’t remember what I bought though.

    • I haven’t been to the 55th Street branch in a long while, but I do remember it being a madhouse unless you went at extreme off hours. I’ll let you know when I check it out next week.

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