Checking Out the Sweet Croissants at Momofuku Milkbar

Inside Milk Bar Black Sesame Croissant

Blondie tipped us all off to the fact that Momofuku Milk Bar makes croissants. Very, very interesting croissants, like Pastrami and Rye. As one of their thousand-some twitter followers (@Momomilkbar), I also got the scoop that they’ve been making special croissants of the Fluffernutter variety. Alas, it’s the early bird that gets the Fluffernutter Croissant. When I swung by at lunch time they were sold out. Bah. The woman behind the counter recommended the Black Sesame Croissant with Cream Cheese and TriStar Strawberry Jam ($6), to me, so I decided to make the best of a lame situation and give it a try. If you have a sweet tooth (or you were geared up for the luscious sugar bomb promise of a Fluffernutter croissant) this might be a bit on the savory side for you on account of the black sesame.

It was no petite croissant, but then for $6, you’d hope to get a decent sized pastry. The pastry itself was a bit dense which is fine for a crosissantwich type situation like the Pastrami and Rye, but might be a bit much for a breakfast or snack. Still, the prospect of Fluffernutter in croissant form continues to intrigue. According to their twitter this morning they have them on the menu today. Anyone tried any of the other croissants here? Is Kimchi and Blue Cheese Croissant as cray cray as it sounds?

Momofuku Milk Bar (inside Ma Peche), 15 W. 56th St. (btw. 5+6th)


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