It’s Gingerbread Time at the Treats Truck!

Treats Truck
You know it’s the holiday season when ginger treats start popping up. The other day, courtesy of the ML Twitter Tracker, I saw that Treats Truck was packing gingerbread men. Given Blondie and my devotion to all things Treats Truck (if you regularly read our blog, you might have noticed that we’ve reviewed just a few of Kim’s treats…) I had to go check it out.

Treats Truck Gingerbread Man
The gingerbread men ($1.25) were your standard palm sized (I swear I don’t have man hands, it’s the gloves, the gloves, I tell you!) and had a nice hint of ginger, cinnamon and cloves. Exclusively chewy cookie fans should be warned that this one was thin and crispy. They also had their sugar cookies done up with some Christmas cheer on board as well. When I ordered my cookie, I put in a special plea for Kim to consider making actual iced gingerbread. Her pumpkin cake and carrot cake are two of my all time favorites on the menu. Kim said that she does love gingerbread herself. Maybe if more people put in a request we’ll see it on the specials menu in the New Year…who’s with me?

Also on the gingerbread front, Dunkin Donuts is offering gingerbread everything from lattes, to muffins, to cookies to donuts. I tried the gingerbread donut the other day and found it to be surprisingly tasty. The gingerbread flavor is subtle, so it tastes a bit more like a spiced version of an old fashioned cake donut. Flavorwise, it actually seemed more akin to something that you’d find in your farmer’s market rather than your local DD. If you’re a huge gingerbread fan it’s nearly as spiced or in your face ginger as the one that the Doughnut Plant makes around this time of year which hopefully will be making an appearance at some of midtown’s Doughnut Plant purveyors. But at around $1, it’s a good bit cheaper, so if you’re find with a subtly flavored doughnut, this makes for a pleasant treat with coffee.

The Treats Truck will be on 45th and 6th until 3:30pm today (and you can follow them on Twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker after that.)


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    How is “gingerbread” flavor distinct from plain old “ginger” flavor? Aren’t “gingerbread muffin” and “gingerbread donut” a bit redundant? Don’t all muffins and donuts have some “bread” flavor in them? “Gingerbread latte” is a bit more interesting. It suggests that someone dissolved bread into your coffee, which might be cool if that were true. In reality, they probably squirt in some syrup labeled “gingerbread.” If we took the ingredient list of this gingerbread syrup and subtracted the ginger, we would be able to conclusively identify exactly what “bread flavor” is.

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