At Lunch Now: Desi Food Truck Gets Weiner Blocked

Last week the yellow Desi Food Truck decided the time was right to brave the streets of Midtown proper, and proceeded to move one of their trucks to 50th btw. 6+7th. We knew it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park for them, but we thought it would be the cops not the other vendors to give them trouble. From Lunch’er Austin: “Just snapped this photo of the Desi Food Truck in Midtown today (50th btw 6th & 7th), they’re being hotboxed by two hot dog vendors for no apparent reason. Thought you could let people know, in hopes of rallying some support/business for them, so they don’t leave mid-town for good.” It’s been awhile since we saw some hot dog cart blockage. We’ll keep an eye on this one, and see how it plays out…


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