Yellow Desi Food Truck Trying Midtown Today

Back in June Ultraclay wrote about the yellow Desi Food Truck in the Flatiron District (on 27th and 5th Ave.)  He was a big fan of their kati rolls, claiming the roti was better than the kati rolls at the Biryani Cart (bold!)  Well, today we have a chance to compare them side by side… we’re hearing that the yellow Desi Food Truck is going to try and park on 50th btw. 6+7th today.  They’ll also be serving their chicken haleem, a “rare Indian delicacy”.  Could be interesting.  Hopefully the cops won’t kick them out!  Early adopters let us know how it is in the comments…


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    i had their kati rolls before… they add this green sauce that makes them really spicy… i like spicy but that is bordering my realm of too hot to handle. i can probably eat half of one before i start thinking to myself its a bad idea to keep asking them to add the extra heat :-P

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    Desi’s kati rolls were huge and greasy. I’m pretty sure Biryani’s are better, but Kati Roll (small, non-greasy) beats them both.

  • I thought haleem was more commonly associated with Pakistan, so maybe that’s what makes it a “Rare Indian delicacy?”

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    They repainted their truck on 39th St & 6th Ave (the old Green Taste truck) so now it’s yellow too. They said they were out of the chicken haleem so I got a tandoori chicken sandwich instead. Wouldn’t recommend it.

  • i thought it was delicious. need to eat it side by side with biryani’s to make a final judgment however. the haleem was great. the desi dudes hooked it up with a free sample of it. real spicey!

  • The haleem was robustly spiced and really, really good. But it’s served weirdly for this non-subcontinental denizen. No rice, no bread. I guess there’s starch in the stew, but I wanted something a bit neutral to contrast with the tasty stuff.

    That said, this place is great and they say they’re going to try to park on 50th on a regular basis. Welcome aboard fellas! Can’t wait to eat my way through your menu.

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    I’ve eaten here four times in the past two weeks. The Chicken Anda is excellent—having lived in Albuquerque, I ask for it extra spicy, which is hot enough. The haleem though is sublime. Never had anything like it. The Desi dudes claim they make it with 10 different kinds of dal.

    I noticed today (a Monday) that the haleem is only available Monday, Saturday and Sunday.

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