Foodie Also Has Zapp’s Potato Chips!

Zapp's Gator-Taters

Forgot to mention this in my write up of Foodie the other day (on 44th btw. 2+3rd). I discovered that they’re going to be my Zapp’s hook-up!  Zapp’s is brand of spicier, Cajun-inspired, kettle potato chips from Louisiana. Their Cajun Dill Gater-Taters are something from my childhood, a lunchtime swap that regularly occurred (I’d switch anything for a taste of their dill and garlic goodness.) It’s like bringing back a lunchtime tradition!  You might think it would be weird that a Vietnamese restaurant would carry Zapp’s- but there’s actually a huge Vietnamese population in New Orleans.  I wonder if that’s where the owners of Boi are from?

The Name Is Terrible, But the Dumpling Soup Isn’t at Foodie


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