Lunch Links (The “We Can’t Get Enough Soup Right Now” Edition)

Taim Mobile’s Split Pea Soup. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Marx/FitR

  • Not surprisingly, Taim Mobile’s split pea soup is a winner [Fork in the Road]
  • Food Exchange makes a great lentil soup.  Who knew?! [Food Mayhem]
  • Park Italian is a little skimpy with their proscuitto [Tasty Eating]
  • IHOP is coming to Times Square [Eater]
  • The egg wrap special from the Bap Cha cart is enjoyable [Ramen & Friends]
  • Sweetery’s croissant and quiche are great. Brioche and flourless chocolate cookie? Not so much [SENY]
  • Why are tourists the only people eating hot chestnuts!? [Gothamist]


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