Bull Moose Saloon Improves Their Burger Deal

Back in September, Mamacita told us about the $6 burger, fries and beer deal for $5.95 at the Bull Moose Saloon. Yesterday Lunch’er Joe checked in to let us know that they have raised the price $1, but made some significant sounding improvements!

So I read about the Bullmoose lunch deal, BURGER, FRIES AND BEER (Bud, Bud Light, Yuengling… the latter being the obvious choice) for 6 bucks.  I headed over there about 3 or 4 weeks ago with a buddy, and it was 7 dollars.  Okay, whatever, that deal still rocks no matter what… we went in and ordered.  Blown away. Basically, this is the best burger in the area, and I will stand by that.  It’s fresh, thick, on a pretzel roll, and with what ever cheese they have you can throw on.  I got bleu cheese, it gets melted right on and it’s phenomenal.  The fries, delicious.  Everything is fresh.  7 bucks for this just makes the deal even sweeter. I honestly think it beats Shake Shack down the block, since they don’t give you booze with your meal, and it’s nearly impossible to find a spot to sit and you need to wait in the huge ass line.  I urge you go back, and review this place one more time.  Nice bartender, too. Me and my bud go back every Wednesday.  Thanks for introducing me to this place.  -Joe

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