Bull Moose’s Burger & Beer Special Is Worth Hunting Down

The recently reopened Bull Moose Saloon (on 44th btw. 8+9th) has a lunch special that not only leaves some Washingtons in your wallet but also satisfies that Summer thirst. For measly $5.85 you get a cheeseburger cooked to order with hand cut fries and a beer. For those inclined, you can also get 10 crispy hot wings with a beer for the same price. Yes, all this for under $6. Workers on the far Westside rejoice, eastsiders… well.. we’ll give you a moment of silence to mourn…

Ok that’s enough, time for burger porn!

My friend and I ordered two cheeseburger specials one with cheddar and one with American cheese, each including a free Bud, Bud Lite, or Yuengling. Naturally we went with Yuengling.

The cheeseburger arrived with lettuce, tomato, onion, and a half dill pickle. The spuds needed a little salt, but most people appreciate being in control of their sodium intake. Dirty fries, skin on, with a crunch and character.

American cheese burger

The patties came out medium-to-medium well. Each burger is hand made with “seasoned ground beef” not mass-produced frozen patties. The meat was moist, tender, and the soft sesame bun added a spongy satisfying texture to press your lips around. Romaine lettuce was crunchy, red onion was much better then the usual white onion.

This is no bistro burger, and by no means anything else but a simple, cheap, but gut sized PUB BURGER. You have to come with a healthy appetite, and, like Blarney Stone, you will not leave this place hungry!

One thing to note. You are not getting prime Le Frieda beef, most will equal it to a nice homemade gridded burger. Bull Moose more then satisfies at a price that makes the cheapest bastard happy at lunch or happy hour.

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