K-town Food Gallery 32 Restaurants Revealed!

Early today we reported that Food Gallery 32 in Koreatown would be opening in the next few weeks, an event that I have been closely following since back in April. It excited me so much I took some  time from my vacation (greetings from The Philippines, btw) to badger the nice lady at Food Gallery 32 for more information.  It worked! She tells me that they do indeed plan to open before the end of the month and sent along  a quick list of the vendors and some details about what they’ll be selling.

Check it out after the jump!

The main action will be on the first floor where there will be eight food “corners” each specializing in foods that are mostly Korean or variations on Korean food (plus one Taiwanese option, natch.) Here’s the run down of the stations that’ll be there with a bit about what they’ll be serving:

Korea House – Authentic Korean Food Corner – Korea House
Big Bowl Noodle House – Asian Noodle Corner
Jin Jja Roo – Korean-Chinese Food Corner
Bian Dang (aka NYC Cravings) – Taiwanese Food Corner
Pastel – American Food Korean Style
Kim Bob Jip – Kimbap Corner
Hibachi Corner
Ban Chan Corner
Pizza, Hamburger Corner (2nd Floor)
Coffee Shop (2nd Floor)

And Red Mango… we’re guessing?

I expect to devote some quality time to exploring the options. Despite my obsession over Korean Fried Chicken, there’s plenty of Korean food that I’ve yet to try. The food court model might give me an easier chance at getting a proper introduction to some of the stuff I haven’t tried yet.

According to initial reports from the spring, there should be seating space available on a mezzanine as well as on the second flood with the pizza, burgers and coffee. When I get back into town, maybe we’ll manage to convince them to give us a closer look and more details about the food – and the prices.

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