Biryani Cart to Launch New “Juicy Wings” Spinoff!

It looks like the Vendy Award winning Biryani Cart (on 46th and 6th) is on a roll. A few weeks ago they got a new logo, and added a few new sensible menu items. After all, if you sell biryani and kati rolls, adding a new curry or dal doesn’t seem too strange. But hot wings!? Yes, you read that right. The Biryani Cart has a brand new cart hitting the streets soon serving their special brand of hot wings and steak and cheese subs. As you can see from the brand new sign they’ll carry four kinds of wings (all deep fried and then sauced) plus I’m guessing some kind of sauce-less option for those who like their wings plain. We’re also hearing that the Philly cheese-steaks will be small (like a hot dog bun) and come two to an order- like their famous Kati Rolls. The cart will be parked on the opposite side of the street (the NW corner of 46th and 6th) and we’re hearing it is less than two weeks away from launching. To say we’re excited for this one would be quite the understatement…


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