An Open Letter To ABC: Here Are Some Story Ideas For Your New Food Truck Sitcom

According to Variety via Eater, ABC and a couple of King of the Hill vets are reportedly developing a sitcom about a family run food truck starring stand up comedian Al Madrigal. This immediately got me thinking of how many amazingly hilarious story lines you could come up with centered around a family run food truck! Here are a few of my favorites:

And let’s not forget about the potential product placement money!

  • Every week a new brand could approach the food truck and offer money to plaster their truck with ads. The family could make snarky jokes about how they’re not sellouts, but then take the money anyway. Think of how meta that would be!

You just can’t make this shit up! ABC, if you’re interested in hiring me as a consultant (and quite frankly, how could you not be interested?) feel free to contact my television agent. Oh, wait. I don’t have an agent. Nevermind.


  • But think of all the money I could save by bringing my own lunch.

  • Fat disheveled food blogger makes cameo in each episode, always 10 pounds heavier than before.

    In season 2 he asks for too much money and character is written out of script by being shipped off to L.A.

    • This comment might be single-handedly responsible for me trying to find a way to add “Like” buttons to the comments on Midtown Lunch.

    • Haha. funny, cause its true.

    • I want a role! The hungry law student who can’t find a job after graduating and start a pigs in the blanket truck, while advocating for food truck vendors rights as a side gig.

  • The food truck gets improbably ranked #1 on some streetmeatpalooza-ish blog stunt, attracting the attention of the health department and their goons. Sexy situations ensue!

  • Wayne is the best of Craigslist of Midtown Lunch.

  • Al and his rival food truck get in a heated verbal exchange which leads to an all out food fight. It’s all fun and games until Al suffers from 2nd degree from an errant, red hot schnitzel.

    Al decides to sue the rival vendor, but since the rival vendor is broke (having spent all of his money on a blackmarket vendor license), the judge orders the rival vendor to be Al’s butler for a month.

  • ABC did Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. They need to shed light on the other spectrum.

    The guy who lived on only potatoes or the dude who ate nothing but street meats. Instead of a month, let’s get a bunch of people to do it for a YEAR and hopefully they live to talk about it. McNuggets for a year!!

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    ABC should hire you as a consultant and then give you your own show!!

  • Gotta be a way to work in a Hing Won — and an imposter truck.

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    Al becomes obsessed with Yelp reviews. Starts cyber stalking a ferocious, influential critic. Finds out he’s an acne-plagued iddle schooler. Tries to woo kid. Will he win the critic over or feel the stinging effects of high speed economic darwinism?

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