Thanksgiving Comes Early at Schnitzel & Things

Turkey Schnitzel

Have you ever wanted to try a fried turkey, but didn’t want to risk the burnination and ensuing humiliation, law suits, and possible further disgrace on Youtube? Look no further than Schnitzel & Things, which is giving turkey the schnitzel treatment this week in honor of National Turkey Day. The turkey schnitzel ($10 for the platter) is pounded flat, panko’d and expertly fried to a golden crisp. Add a dab of sriracha mayo, and I don’t think even those socialist pilgrims would be able to resist.

The Schnitzel & Things truck turkey special ends today, so go and gobble one down to practice for the real deal tomorrow. They’re located at Park Ave between 26th & 27th St today, but be sure to double check twitter or the ML twitter tracker before heading out.


  • Oh well. Too far and it’ll be cold/dry by the time I get back to the office.

    Deep-fried turkey does sound like a wonderful treat though.

  • I’ve tried fried turkey, I’m a Native New Yorker residing in the Charlotte, NC Once you’ve tried it you will convert for life, It’s really juicy, not at all greasy, and the skin is crispy beyond belief. I’m looking forward towards Schnitzel & Things Truck. On my next visit to NYC

    George Cardona

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