What’s Your Favorite Delivery Option?

Ultraclay wasn’t the only ML contributor in print yesterday… This week’s New York Magazine has a guide to food delivery and two of our peoples were included in the issue.  Our Downtown guru Andrea gave her delivery recs for Crown Heights, and Amy covered 2nd Ave. in Midtown East (apparently the chow fun at Mee Noodle is great.)  Other Midtown tidbits of note?  Danyelle Freeman, aka Restaurant Girl, likes Wondee Siam, the roast pork at Tina’s Cuban, and the tempura udon at Ise (on 56th btw 5+6th Ave.)    Check out the entire list of delivery recs by neighborhood here, and let us know what your favorite Midtown delivery option is in the comments…


  • I love Georgio’s Country grill (53rd & 9th). The food reminds me of the Midwest (in a good way), and their $14.50 fried chicken entree includes a redonkulous amount of food – potato dish, veggie dish, side salad, gravy, bread, and half of an entire bird.

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    Oh, to be within the delivery zone for Tea and Sympathy!
    For the UWS, I would add Big Nicks. (The burger joint on 77th and Bway, NOT the pizza joint on 71st)
    Huge menu, cheap prices, great chicken sandwiches and Greek salads.

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    Baby Bo’s Cantina is good food, but not always a prompt delivery. Looking for a good recommendation for dinner pickup or delivery around 42nd and 3rd. $15-20 range.

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