Old Nevada Smith’s Manager Turning Legends Into Midtown Soccer Temple

I know this isn’t really about lunch- but I noticed an interesting bit of happy hour news in my weekly New York Aston Villa Fan Club newsletter (yes, I support a fairly-obscure-here-but-storied-in-the-UK premier league soccer football team. Please don’t give me shit.) Legends, the bar on 33rd btw. Mad+5th (5+6th) that Mamacita kind of hated when she tried it back in February of last year, is re-branding itself as The Football Factory at Legends. Jack Keane, the bar manager who turned Nevada Smith’s in the EV into the football mecca that it is today before being fired in an underage drinking scandal, is in charge and plans to slowly transform the place over time- replacing the memorabilia with permanent flags for the different football teams whose supporters come to the bar. (Hopefully that will include getting rid of the “faux Renaissance art, candle chandeliers…fake palm trees” and the sushi bar!) There is also word of a “Jack Keane Sandwich” featuring “rashers, sausage, pudding, eggs and cheese.” We can only hope this treat will also be served at lunch! Although from looking at the menu on their website it probably won’t be under $10.  Even so, it sounds like this could end up being a great lunchtime spot for soccer fans to play lunchtime hookey from work and watch weekday games.

The best part is, they’re having a launch party tonight from 6-8pm (possibly 9) with an open bar and free finger foods. Freeloading footie fans… engage.

Midtown Happy Hour: The Legends Mistake (aka Why Subway Stops Shouldn’t Dictate Your Happy Hour Destination)


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