Midtown Happy Hour: The Legends Mistake (aka Why Subway Stops Shouldn’t Dictate Your Happy Hour Destination)

If you like to eat, chances are you like to drink (read: a lot of you are freakin’ lushes), so I thought maybe it was time to introduce a happy hour column to the site. Every week, our Happy Hour Correspondent “Mamacita” will post about a different bar in Midtown that fits the Midtown Lunch mentality: unhealthy food, not lame (unless it’s lame in a cool way), and most importantly… cheap. Unfortunately, sometimes when you and your coworkers are super thirsty, and hungry, and trying to find a place that is convenient for everybody, you end up stumbling into a dud. Which is exactly what happened this week…

Happy Hour: Legends

Now I will preface this review by saying, dear gentle readers, that I am not a woman of high means. Yet, I have indulged in a bottle of Midleton Very Rare or even a Jameson ‘pure pot still’ 15 year whiskey. However, when I am faced with a pricy “signature cocktail” I am not afraid to speak out for a change! A change in the great Big Apple swindle, or what I call, the girly drink grift!

Happy Hour: Legends

Here was the group of us late at night at Legends on W. 33rd Street. In our defense, it was the only place nearby to our respective train stops… and this is what we found: Legendary Cocktails for $11. This included the Big Apple Martini (a sweet and sour concoction), the Sex in the City Cosmo (that unfortunately speaks for itself), and the Empire State Bellini (that I’m sure is actually poured pretty small). The Happy hour was from 4pm to 7pm with $4 domestic drafts and $5 well drinks. Well, at least that wasn’t too bad… if you ignored the decor.

Happy Hour: Legends

We seated ourselves at one of their large tables and were greeted by a waiter that in my friend Ana’s words, “only needed suspenders and some ‘flair’ to fit right in at TGI Fridays.” Ouch! The multilevel restaurant smacked of a fancy hotel bar, complete with faux Renaissance art, candle chandeliers and what seemed like fake palm trees. To add to the questionable ambiance was a centralized raw sushi bar that was barren of customers. It was actually kind of sad because that poor sushi chef just stood there all night cleaning off his knife and table with little to do.

Happy Hour: Legends

On our menu this night included Crispy Dumplings ($12), Kobe Sliders ($14), Black Angus Cheese Steak ($13) and a Legendary Burger called the Empire ($13). Seeing those prices, I don’t feel I need to drag this out any further. The Empire burger was cooked perfectly medium rare but was not worth the price. The cheese steak was disappointing and bared little resemblance to the actual thing. The sliders were chared hard hockey pucks of disappointment and to add insult to injury most of the little burger was all bun. Yet, we were all in agreement that the waffle fries were decent. I guess you really can’t mess up fried potatoes. Of course waffle fries does not make a good happy hour. Subway stops be damned… don’t make the same mistake we did.


  • Rick’s Cabaret is next door. Take your striper out for dinner!
  • Your basic Midtown bar happy hour
  • Caters to CEO’s, and could be a nice place for a work party
  • Some very big TV screens to catch a game after work


  • Over priced, mediocre food
  • Well drinks are your average to light pour in a small glass
  • Unnecessarily decorative flourishes
  • WTF is up with lonely raw bar chef??

Legends, 6 West 33rd St (btw. 5+6th).  212-967-7792


  • My first glimpse of the actual Mamacita, peeking her head around the burger???? SAY IT AIN’t SO!

  • …no…no…im sure thats Ana …last seen having a ciggie outside that mick bar.

  • What a depressing outing…but hope springs eternal – maybe the next episode will be the one where Anastasia gets laid.

  • Midleton’s?! Now you’re speaking my language. If you every find a happy hour where you can get two for one glasses of Midleton’s, I’ll be first in line!!

  • Ardbeg, no Irish.

  • ….and!! the bun on that burger is fucking charcoal.

    And!! no mama stuffed spuds!

    And!! where’s Stevenp?…..still outside the Korean chicken place?

    hehehe mwahahahahaha HAHAAHAHAHAHA mwa


  • If I were on 33rd, I’d rather go to stout (between 6th and 7th). The food is good, but overpriced (which is better than mediocre and overpriced).

  • 6 dumplings for $12????

  • @ Arp–Stout?? That place is usually super packed for happy hour! I much prefer some of the lower key divebars around that area…

  • Confirmed:
    Best burger & fries on the UWS is Harriet’s Kitchen. Much better than Shake Shack UWS.

    I can’t get burgers from shitty places like this place anymore. Getting too old for that.

  • I agree if you are degrading shake shack—OVER-RATED! Both locations!

  • Goats, sorry. I forgot about the context.

    Stout is pretty good for late night though. I think their kitchen is open late (or was a few years ago).

  • With all these mixed feelings about burgers, I wonder if there should be a “burger off” like the streetmeatapalooza a while back.

  • That was my friend in the burger pic. And seriously!! $12 fucking bucks for dumplings??? Rip off!

    Out of bounds but I went to paddy maguire’s ale house on 20th and 3rd ave and it was fantastic. Paddy is at the bar and he loves to curse, the regulars are gambling on horses and god knows what else at one end of the bar. And the shit talking was endless. I could have moved in, sigh.

  • Not me in the pic, though I’m very flattered that a group of midtown lunchers are concerned about my sex life. I promise, next outing, I’ll make you all proud!!

  • How did Anastasia get looks, brains AND a great attitude? Could it be the mamacita influence?…hmmmm…

    Three words: ….Perfect …Tuesday…. freak…

  • Just in case anyone is a complete dork and follows ML religiously. THIS Anastasia is NOT the same anastasia that was a butch vegan or something in last year’s comments. She just happens to have the same name. This gal just started posting recently, by my fault. She’s a friend

  • she’s not a butch vegan…? sigh, there goes my boner

  • Wow, butch vegan? I can’t believe I ever defended this ML community.

  • I will take my striper out for dinner! But I am in Bangkok and what if my striper turns out to be a post-op ladyboy? Boy, will this hungry bitch be steamed!

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