Lunch Links (The “What Does a $10 Falafel Look Like?” Edition)

Todd English’s take on Falafel. Photo by Ramen and Friends.

  • The Plaza Food Hall serves up a $10 falafel! [Ramen & Friends]
  • Black Shack serves a grilled tofu sandwich!? [Fork in the Road]
  • Don’t go to Ichi Umi after 2pm [NYC Foodie]
  • Out of bounds Tulcingo del Valle makes it onto the list of 10 best Mexican restaurants in NYC [Fork in the Road]
  • Taim Falafel Truck launches on the 29th, but nobody knows where [Grub Street]
  • A Midtown Chef was fired for allegedly making a KKK joke on Halloween [NYDN]

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  • So, the first bite of that falafel sandwich is a mouthful of sour cream? I don’t get how anyone can find that appealing.

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