Does Your Work Coffee Suck?

If you wish the coffee in your kitchen at work was better, Serious Eats has your fix. Yesterday their coffee correspondent posted a handy guide to improving your workplace coffee based on changes she made at Serious Eats HQ. Or you can just do what most of us do and go to one of these places.


  • Work has k-cups machine. It’s otay and nothing special. Better than Flavia packs though.

    • Look for My K-Cups, they sell ‘em on Amazon. It’s like $12-$14, but you can use your own coffee.

      Just make sure you get the right My K-Cup for your K-Cup machine, there’s a few different kinds. Really easy to use and clean up.

      They take a grind just shy of French press, but with the My K-Cup I got plus Stumptown’s Hair Bender coffee, I’m drinking blissfully wonderful coffee every day.


      This is a My K-Cup, it’s not a brand that uses K-Cups: it is a physical replacement that you swap in and out for your Keurig machine.

  • Coffee in my company cafeteria is 40 cents, but it sucks to the point of being nearly poison. Last year they contracted Dunkin Donuts to put in a 2nd machine to make DD coffee exclusively, for .80 cents, but the same unskilled labor is operating both machines, and they both suck. I get mine on the outside, usually the generic Bistro. It’s so-so.

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    A K cup machine and the Flavia packs in a different spot. Coffee and tea ranges from Green Mountain to random stuff, all sucky.

  • My solution was to bring a (practically free) Senseo machine into my office. I had the best coffee on the floor. The K-cups are meh. (Conclusion reached after working in 3 different offices with Keurig machines and a large variety of kludgy k-cups.) Add the Coffeeduck and your own grind and it’s over the top.

    • BTW, the clever dripper (in the SE article) is a great improvement on the standard hand-pour cone filter holder (which I also like)–lets you control the soak time in the cone filter.

  • I use a french press at home, but that clever dripper looks great. I’m sick of 1) cleaning all the parts of the french press and 2)breaking the beaker 5 times a year.

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