2009 Readers’ Poll: Best Coffee

It’s time for the 3rd Annual Midtown Lunch Readers’ Poll. Your nominations are in, and between now and the end of the year I’ll be asking all of you to vote for the best Midtown Lunches in a whole range of categories. You can only vote once per category (so choose wisely), and official results will be posted after the new year.

I will fully admit to knowing nothing about coffee.  Sure I enjoy a cafe au lait when I’m in New Orleans (the secret ingredient is chicory), and loved the one coffee I had from Intelligentsia in Chicago, and I know that a latte from Starbucks tastes far better than a regular coffee from Starbucks.  But, my personal favorite coffee drink in Midtown is an Iced Capp from Tim Horton’s.  So clearly I’m not attending any cuppings in my free time.  That’s why I’m leaving this one entirely to you guys… and not to determine whether or not McDonald’s cheap coffee is better than Dunkin Donuts.  This is for those times when you want a real cup of coffee.  And the nominees are…

Vote for your favorite after the jump…

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