Gourmet 53 Celebrating 16 Year Anniversary Today With $3 Lunches

It’s that time of year again!  Today is Cowgirl Catering’s 16th Anniversary, so to celebrate they’re rolling back prices to 1994 levels at Gourmet 53- their take out cafeteria counter in the basement food court of 875 3rd Ave. (btw 52+53rd.)  Just like last year you’ll be able to get any of their lunches for just $3, there will be free passed hors d’oeuvres, and 10 lucky winners will get free lunch for a month.  Oh, and by free passed hors d’oeuvres we mean coconut shrimp!!!  Of course you’ll want to go early for that… last year they ran out of coconut shrimp by 1:30pm. The celebration freeloading begins at 11:30am and ends at 3pm.

Gourmet 53 is One of Those Places I Should Have Mentioned Years Ago


  • I was just there yesterday and I didn’t see any sign or notice for this promotion. Thanks.

  • COOL. That’s a GREAT deal for their lunch.

    DAMN the sick-arse line that will DEFINITELY happen though.

    Maybe a trip uptown is warranted. Maybe.

  • don’t go..i just went and the line is crazy long.

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    Keep the internet wars down please, or settle them with fisticuffs.

    The line is long, but it moves fast, much faster then the recent taco promotion. While you’re waiting in line, they come around with appetizers.

    Mini sliders (yes, smaller then regular sliders) are Ok
    Chicken tenders – Ok
    Bruschetta – Very tasty
    Coconut Shrimp – Tasty and fresh

    Inside, you have your choice of a $3 meal:

    Cowgirl Chicken
    Paella Valencia
    Salmon Teriyaki
    Rigatoni with Basil, Tomato and Parm

    You can have salad (various types), rice, or garlic mash with them, but once you enter, you’re steered to grab some salad, so speak up if you want something else.

    Grab a cookie, pita chips and a small fruit cup.
    Soda brings you up to $4.25 ($3 without) CASH only.

    I had the Salmon and while it was a small piece the sauce was good and not too sweet. I hate the generic Teriyaki sugar sauce. Salad was nice, but if I saw the rest of them, I would have tried the Waldorf. Cookie was very good.

    • Line definitely moved.

      This is actually a good deal for lunch.

      It’s not like waiting on line for 53/6 lunch cart when you can easily get your mix with rice elsewhere (at 52/6 instead).

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    Thanks for the tip on this, Midtown Lunch! We went at 1215p, and though the line was long, it moved at a good pace, and we got our lunch in half an hour. Great deal! The free hor d’oeuvres helped pass the time. Coconut Shrimp was the best out of all the choices.

  • I went around 1:00pm. Waited for about 25 mins on the crazy-arse lookin’ long-circled line. It might look long but the wait is reasonable. I did it last year too so I know looks are deceiving.

    The food took about 5 mins to get handed to me (prepared ahead of time for the birthday rush I presume), gave them my $3 and I was out the door to walk back to the office. Beautiful day out!!

    Philly Cheesesteak FTW!

    The mini sliders are decently-seasoned. I didn’t partake on the shrimp. I had two mini sldiers though.

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    I’ve never been on a line waiting for food and be so excited about it at the same time. I guess free shrimp, sliders and a $3 lunch can do that to you.


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