At Lunch Now: Gourmet 53 is a Madhouse (Update: And The Coconut Shrimp are Doneski)

My lord… the line for Gourmet 53′s $3 lunch today is even crazier than I expected! Basically the beginning and end of the line were practically at the same place (wrapping around the entire food court!) As promised there is free coconut shrimp. (In fact, right before I left I cut the line, snagged a coconut shrimp, and took off. The lady handing ‘em out seemed pretty pissed. Oh well!)

UPDATE: The owner just checked in to let us know that by 1:30pm they were out of coconut shrimp. You have until 3pm…


  • This is why America has become unproductive…granted I’m not helping posting on a food blog, but still.

  • I hate crowds so a part of me is happy I didn’t go.. yet DAMN it’s such a deal!

  • saving $5 or $6 is not worth the hour or so wait. my billing rate is much higher.

  • i waited like 5 min so it was so worth it.

  • What time did you get there Mkim?

  • kinda embarrassing but i got there around 11:30. LOL

  • That place is crowded on a normal day. They’d have to pay me to stand on those lands, and I can’t promise I would do it.

  • they were quite efficient behind the counter, so it really wasn’t too bad. i got arrived at 12:05 when it was getting close to fusion grill and got my food by about 12:30. scored coconut shrimp, stuffed mushroom, and bruschetta standing in line. the bbq flank steak was copious, and i was allowed to combine it with the rigatoni/hot sausage/arugula in lieu of mashed potatoes. a great deal for $3, tax included. bonus was seeing zach snapping his photos.

  • The line was crazy yesterday but it didn’t take more than 20 mins to grab my food. Worth the wait since you can’t get anything in the area for $3 at the same portions. My only other $3 option would be the XPL across the street.

    I had my cheesesteak meal for 3. Very good deal. They clearly rushed it as cheese wasn’t even melted, they got it to me within 5 mins, but understandable with the huge crowd and substantial discount.

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