At Lunch Now: Get Free Stuff From the Green Truck All Week Long

Just scored some free food from the “Green Truck” thanks to this post in the forums. Apparently they’re going to be parked in Midtown until 6:30pm handing out free veggie burgers and sweet tea in honor of “Green Week” on NBC. The veggie burgers are smallish (like the size of a big dinner roll) but kind of good. It’s got some interesting fixings and more than a little spice. Patty was mushy and bun was a bit hard, but I’m not complaining. (It was free!) There was no line whatsoever when I was there. They are doing it all week long at different locations, and you have to follow their twitter to know where (natch.) And we’ll add them to the ML Twitter Tracker for the week, for those of you whose work has blocked Twitter.

Environmentally friendly freeloaders, engage.

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  • Got it! And spread the word to all my colleagues who all got it too. There was no line for anyone.

    I think the tea is a mint iced tea. At first sip, I thought it was gross, but gave it another shot and it grew on me. I think I was just startled that it was so different. It is actually good, in an interesting kind of way.

    The veggie burger is small, but satsifying enough for me. Great flavor! Not sure why it was cold. I guess that makes distribution easier.

    Thanks again! I heart

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