Street Vendor Project Takes Hot Dog Lady Case to Federal Court

Remember Eliana, the $1 hot dog lady on 43rd and 6th whose cart was seized by the NYPD back in September of last year?  Her cart was returned a week later, but everything had been thrown away.  As a result the Street Vendor Project (the non profit organization that runs the Vendy Awards) has filed a case in federal court seeking damages, not just for her lost merchandise but also for lost business, and “mental distress” (according to Sean Basinski, the head of the SVP, she can’t even talk about what happened without breaking down.)  Sean sent this note over hoping to get some help from Midtown Lunchers…

We are looking for anyone who witnessed the cart seizure or any other interactions between Eliana and the police during August or September of last year. You could be an important witness in helping Eliana get justice. Please write with your name and contact info if you know anything.

Street Vendor Project Going to Court Today to Fight For The 43rd St. Hot Dog Lady
$1 Hot Dogs Are Safe and Delicious, if You Get Them From Eliana

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  • WOW!!!

    How does anyone in Midtown, looking for a simple lunch, you know, something to tide them over until they get “home” to their apartment, without becoming involved in a legal entanglement?

    I mean, WTF? Can I not order a frickin’ hotdog in NYC without contributing to some lawyer?


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