Street Sweets Team Up With Everybody To Give Away Free Treats

At Lunch Now: "Street Sweets" Truck Debuts TodayUsing food trucks as moving billboards is not our favorite thing in the world… unless there’s free food involved!  (What’s that about kicking a gift horse?)  Plus if a little corporate money is what it takes to keep our favorite food trucks in business, I suppose it’s a net positive.  This week Street Sweets is all over the place with 3 different trucks, giving away a ton of free stuff.  On Truck #1 (the original truck) they’ve teamed up with Capital One from October 19th through October 23rd to raise money for the NYC Food Bank.  Buy any item, get your choice of several of their signature sweets for free. Truck #2, a partnership with Seamless Web through Sunday October 24th, will be giving out fortune cookies that have a code in it that can win you great prizes like ipads and stuff. And finally on Wednesday and Thursday Truck #3, a partnership with Scharffen Berger & Food Network Magazine, will be giving away thousands of free cupcakes at locations all over Midtown.

Got all that? A schedule of Midtown locations for all the trucks, broken down by day, is after the jump.


Truck 1: 9a-11:30a on 56th & Bway; 12p-4p on 46th & 6th Ave.

Truck 2: 11:30a – 7:30p on 6th Ave btw. 55+56th


Truck 1: 9a-11:30a ON 52nd & Lex; 12p-4p at 42nd St & Times Square 32nd and Park

Truck 2: 11:30am – 7:30pm on 5th Ave bet 22nd & 23rd St

Truck 3: 10a – 11:30a on 46th & 6th Ave; 12p-3p on 49th btw 6+7th; 3:30p – 5p on 59th St btw Park+Lex


Truck 2: 11:30a – 7:30p on Lexington btw. 57+58th

Truck 3: 10a – 11:30a on 42nd St bet 5th & 6th Ave; 12p – 3p Park Ave bet 52nd & 53rd St; 3:30p – 5p on 8th Ave bet 56+57th St on 59th & Lex


Truck 1: 2p-4p Park Ave bet 52+53rd St

Truck 3: 9:00-11:30am 52nd Street and Lexington; 3:30-5pm 8th Ave bet 56th and 57th Streets

For complete schedule of all the stops, go to


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