Korilla BBQ Truck Launching in Midtown Today!

Korilla BBQ TruckAfter a long build-up, today’s the day! The Korilla BBQ Truck has announced they’ll be serving lunch today. They’ll be located at 55th & Lex and will start serving lunch around 11am. We also got our hands on a menu, which you can drool over check out after the jump.


You can double check their location on twitter, the ML Twitter Tracker, or their website.



  • let’s do a bet? i bet ya the line will be 5 miles long..i mean literally..

  • i’m gonna wait a couple days, don’t feel like waiting in line today… exhausting!

  • I will be there, if line is long im out.. This should be entertaining

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    I just got back from the Korilla truck…opened a little after 11:30. Was 6th in line…they have a GREAT assembly line system so it goes super fast. Delicious to boot! Sad they didnt have their “chompers” today but the tacos are great!

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    I was on the line before it opened too. Had the tacos. They work quick. I wasn’t impressed with the food.

    I got three tacos (also because they didn’t have the chompers): one chicken, one pork, one beef; one with red kimchi, one with summer kimchi, one with cucumber kimchi. All with the Korilla sauce.

    I started eating the tacos as I walked away from the truck, and the meat was already getting ice cold. All three meats were tasteless, meat fiber with no noticeable flavor from seasoning or cooking. The kimchi were all bland, NO spiciness — and I’m usually sensitive to spiciness — they might as well have put cole slaw on top. The Korilla sauce was a Russian dressing generic topper, it was okay. The taco tortillas seemed like they weren’t heated enough so were tough and mealy.

    I wouldn’t get the tacos again. The rice bowls looked interesting with a very cool assortment of vegetables.

    Nice guys, I’m sure the food will improve.

  • Well I couldn’t resist trying Korilla today. I was #2 in line after arriving around 11am. A guy came out of the truck and said they were running 10-15 minutes late. No big deal. 15 minutes later, they came out again and said it would be another 15 minutes.
    Around 11:30 they finally opened. You could tell it was their first day, they were knocking into each other and just generally confused. I’m sure this will improve with practice.
    Being the fat boy that I am, I ordered a bulgogi burrito with kimchee and bacon fried rice. Then I also ordered the 3 taco’s with 1 each of Pork, Beef and Chicken with all the korean fixings.
    Let me start off with my biggest gripe, the food was cold. Lets call it luke warm at best. My 2 co-workers ordered the bowls and had the same complaint. They also didn’t have tofu, aoli and a few condiments for today.
    Now for the good…. The food was very tasty and the serving sizes are much improved. I was afraid i’d get stuck with a Mexicue type size, but the burrito at Korilla is similar in size to the El Rey Del Sabor cart. The combination of kimchee in a burrito was fantastic. If they can work on getting the food a bit hotter, it could be one of my favs.

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      Agreed…mine was not super hot either but I assumed that was because I didn’t get to eat it for 5-10 minutes after ordering…

    • I passed by at 11:30 and declined to step into that 30-person line that was obstructing sidewalk traffic (due to an already narrow sidewalk being covered with those scaffolding pipes). I hope they stay in that location, but given the disruption, it might get hairy with NYPD. I went to El Rey instead and got 3 lengue tacos…no line, warm, and walking away in 5 minutes….mmmmm.

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    I was there at 11:55 and waited for about 25 minutes to get my food.

    I got the 3 tacos with chicken, beef, and pork. It was also a bit cold for me (as some others have mentioned), but that might have been because of the cold toppings (kimchi, salsa, etc). Overall, its good for their first day. Nice assortment of toppings and I am really intrigued by the rice bowl so I can try all those interesting veggies…

    But my major complaints are the following:
    1) The tortilla fell apart as soon as I got to my desk and I had to eat it with a fork. They should double-wrap it…
    2) The Korilla sauce was pretty much a slightly spiced mayo I think. Given that the only other choice for sauce was alioli, I would like to see a non-mayo based sauce available sometime.
    3) I’d like to see it spicier.
    4) More limes! I got one tiny wedge for 3 tacos…

    So they have some stuff to work on, but not too bad for the first day. I’ll be back to try the rice bowl, but I will hold off on the tacos until they resolve some of those issues

  • I passed, line too long. Hopefully they come back to same location.

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      I asked them and they said they were planning on being back tomorrow. I can only assume that means they will be sticking around that spot more often than not..?

      They also said they were planning on introducing online ordering too so that should hopefully speed things up and eliminate waiting outside in the cold.

  • I have to say Midtown Jimmi hit the nail on the head. I also had 3 tacos (bulgogi, chicken and pork).

    Cons: The meat was cold. They desperately need to double wrap their tacos. The Korilla sauce is WAY too mayonnaise-y and lacks spiciness…it actually detracts from the taco. Pork could be better seasoned.

    Pros: The tacos are pretty big. The bulgogi has nice seasoning and flavors. The kimchi has a nice kick.

  • Oh, and they need to source a better shredded cheese…the cheese they use looks and tasted like it was just poured out of a Sorrento shredded cheese bag from Gristedes.

  • I was pleased. Had the Chosun bowl with pork… The amount of extra vegetables/Kim Chi I got was beyond incredible. Huge meal, must have weighed 2 lbs. 2 huge scoops of the Bacon Fried Rice which was mmmm good. Yes, could have been warmer but the line moved fast, I wasn’t expecting steaming hot and the food was fresh. Well, as fresh as pickled things get, eh? My time was 11:55 also, was all done by 11:40.

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