ING Direct Cafe Now Serving $2 Smoothies

ING Cafe

I was saddened to discover that the ING Direct cafe had closed their 49th street location, since my lunchtime travels rarely take me in the vicinity of their cafe on 58th and 3rd. But the other day when I was on the hunt for Omar and the El Kaaba Halal Food Cart, I walked right past the ING cafe and I couldn’t help but be lured in by their cheerful orange decor.

Inside ING cafe

The interior of this branch feels brighter and more open on account of having windows on two sides.

ING Direct Cafe Menu

As I was scanning the menu, I noticed that they were offering $2 fruit smoothies. I didn’t remember ever seeing this on the menu from the now defunct 49th street branch. And seeing as $2 is a pretty awesome price for a smoothie, I decided to give it a try.

ING Direct smoothie

The smoothies come in strawberry, banana, or strawberry/banana. They make it with whole milk (though I suppose you could ask for skim, if you wanted), real fruit and ice. The smoothie didn’t have any added sweetener, so if you like your smoothies on the sweet side, you might find this too bland. If you like your smoothies simple and uncomplicated, this one is pleasant and refreshing.

I also noticed they had $6 sandwiches and salads with your choice of soda, water, coffee or tea, but I had already had lunch at Comme Ci, Comme Ça Truck. Anyone tried these out?

ING Direct Cafe, 58th and 3rd, 212-752-8432


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    “…so if you like your smoothies on the sweet side, you might find this too bland.”

    If you want a sweeter smoothie, you can go next door to McDonald’s for an extra $.29

  • I like their Peet’s coffee. Still have an ING cup. $1 refills FTW!

  • I was just curious, is this your blog too? Signed by “blondie and brownie” with photos

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    Several weeks ago I was walking by this place at night (it was closed) and I saw a mouse running along the base of the long bank of windows (on the inside) seemingly looking for a way out. Poor little fella. Must have had his fill of smoothies.

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    “I saw a mouse running along the base of the long bank of windows (on the inside)”

    The food appeared to be mostly prepackaged, prepped offsite last I was there.

    I had a mediocre old tasting iced coffee from them however, but for the price, and having Peets coffee in NY, it was hard to complain. I’ve had better luck in other nearby big cities that have ING cafes, where the selection, and quality of baristas didn’t come off as an after thought. At the local location, the barista doubles as a ING advisor for new accounts.

    One tip…they offer a coupon for a free first time drink on the ING website, and if you have an account, you get extra discounts/freebies.

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