ING Cafe Takes Their Discount Lattes North

ING cafe old location

Sad news for central midtown coffee addicts/cheapos… the ING Cafe has moved their 49th street location to 3rd Ave. at 58th Street (Central midtown’s loss, is northeastern midtown’s gain I guess!)  I’ll miss having the ING’s discount lattes and free internets nearby, but it does give me another excuse to make a trip to try out Mia Dona’s new gelato sandwich. (As if I needed an excuse…)


  •, 58th and 3rd has had the ING Cafe for at least a year… so I wouldn’t call this moving per se :) probably just “closing the second cafe”.

  • Lattes? There’s no time for HJs. Show me where the Time Machine is!

    Yea, that 49th location has been closed for a long while now. Where have you been? I use to go there for their Peet’s coffee. It was good stuff! Way better than Starbucks.

    And 58/3rd has been around. :P

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