Is This Chicken Parm the Best that Park Italian Gourmet Has to Offer?

Park Italian Gourmet

Somehow I’ve worked in midtown for 7+ years and have never tried Park Italian (on 45th btw. 5+6th) until recently. While I wasn’t terribly impressed with their chicken parm, I did notice that awhile back Mr. Brooks promised that “Park Italian will get their day in the sun” and yet here we are 3 years later and Park Italian still hasn’t had an official +/-.  Don’t you think it’s time we made that happen?

Chicken Parm from Park Italian

In Zach’s own words “a Chicken Parm Sub is going to taste good by default. Any sandwich that consists of fried chicken topped with sauce and cheese is going to have its redeeming qualities.” My chicken parm from Park Italian was fine. Nothing to write home about, but being a late luncher, I did get it later in the day, so it might have been tastier when it was fresher. Still, I recognize that this place has definite potential. The “window dressing” consists of industrial sized jars of actual dressing (mayo, vinegar, mustard, olive oil, pepperoncini etc) and the interior decor looks like it’s been the same for decades. The place has the look of some of the old school Italian restaurants and delis I frequented as a kid growing up in New Haven. Not to mention that the guy behind the counter was reading an Italian language newspaper. All very promising signs in my book.

So Park Italian vets, you tell us, what are their must try dishes? Leave your suggestions in the comments and help Park Italian have their day in the sun at last!

Park Italian, 60 W 45th St (btw. 5+6th), 212-382-0580


  • He says “ciao!” to everyone on their way out.

  • That place is great. I usually just get a turkey hero with double meat. Its freakin huge! And their deli meat is top notch. Fresh mozzarella and it’s just a great sandwich all together. for 6 bucks! you can’t beat it! I actually may venture down there today! Look for a photo on my next comment : )

    • And here it is in all it’s glory! Soooo good! Seriously, best deli meat around. It is gettin colder out so I like finding warm food too, but this is probably one of my last chances for taking that long walk from my office to Park Gourmet. I also asked if there was a tip jar, and the owner replied “Nahhh f@#% those guys” haha! And he kinda smiled and said “don’t worry about it, I take care of them.”… fair enough.

  • Hot heroes at Bella Napoli ain’t too shabby either, 49th betw 6th and B’way. But this one sounds like a winner.

  • Wait…is this place called “Park Avenue Italian”? or am I missing something? It’s nowhere near Park Avenue, nor does the sign real that way.

    • Sorry. Fixed the title…

      • Oh..duh. I think it was wishful thinking on my part. I work on Park Ave and I’m still searching for a decent chicken parm (even if this one was only so-so, it looks good to me).

  • I generally go for the $6 Italian sub – I think its off-menu – it’s the classic you want. It’s enough that I usually split it with a guy at work for a bargain lunch.

  • Their Chicken with burshchetta and fresh mozz…delish. they also have the shrimp and calamari on Friday’s for $9 buck.

  • I”m a big fan of the meatball hero.

  • “a Chicken Parm Sub is going to taste good by default. Any sandwich that consists of fried chicken topped with sauce and cheese is going to have its redeeming qualities.”

    most people just get chicken parm when they dont know what to get at an italian place for that same reason. definitely my favorite quote for today and its barely passed noon

    • i completely, 100% disagree with that statement in quotes.

      • KC, the quote came from the article by Brownie, quoting Zach.

        Everything I know about Italians is wrong! AHHHHHHH!

  • Definitely get the chicken with the bruschetta on a hero with fresh mozz and roasted peppers.

  • I go for their Italian hero. The bread is top notch.

    3 items on their deli menu (save the really expensive items +$1 or so) on a hero or roll, lettuce, onion, tomato, and condiments is about $5.95.

    The register guy, in addition to saying ‘ciao’, also slams quarters down when giving change.

    Clientele is white guys in suits, and white guys in suits who took their coat off….

  • Why haven’t I noticed this place before? Bad Hungry!

  • i am always the only woman in this place…

  • I don’t always love salads but they make a great antipasto salad with your choice of meats and any of the pickeled salads in the case. I think its under $8.00. my usual go to dish there is the sausage and peppers with brocoli rabe

  • Cheeeese, i know he was quoting zach…

  • RE: the chicken parm. Nino’s on 46th between 5th and 6th is better—tastier and crispier, plus not so messy.

    As for the rest of Park Italian….I like to go there for breakfast sandwiches. The rolls are nice and soft…these are not the same rolls they use for lunch, which are more like hard rolls.

    I think they have some good pasta dishes…the meatloaf is decent. I tend to get the Italian combo, with sweet peppers which is nice. I prefer the meatball parm sub to the chicken parm sub. Get the ziti with meatballs and sausage. Nice and filling.

    • Oh, I just wanted to add that while the sandwiches are decent…they aren’t all that tasty as far as the meats and cheeses go. It’s all Thuman’s brand which, to my tastes, is kind of bland.

  • I am a big fan of the eggplant parm and chicken parm at Park Gourmet…usually get them without the bread on a platter with a vegetable such as zucchini or spinach or broccoli. Delicious! And I love how old school the place is.

  • I just had the chicken parm. I was okay today. Nothing special overall. The bread is nice, chewy and soft. Def. not the best I had since the chicken, cheese and sauce were average.

    Maybe the cold cuts are the way to go? But I prefer hot foods! :P

    Also not too filling or hefty. I only had two small cutlets in my sandwich. Boo, where’s the gut-bomb? HAHA. I think I’ll go Bravo instead for that, which is also 6.50 + fountain soda.

  • “Chicken Parm Sub is going to taste good by default”

    I’ve had some pretty bad chicken parms in midtown :(

    • i find it hard to find a good chicken parm. Best ive had isnt midtown. for those that live over here, the best ive had was at franks trattoria, 1st avenue btween 22nd and 23rd. Their meatball pie is the $hit too..

      • You’re killing me. I moved from Peter Cooper Village to North Jersey a few months ago and I miss FRANKS’S TRATTORIA terribly. And Ess-A-Bagels, and Hane, and Petitte Abille, and Artichoke, and Luzzo’s…oh sweet fucknuts I miss living in Manhattan.

    • Unless you’re in the Sussex boonies, North NJ isn’t so bad. I’d put Spirito’s and Santillo’s in Elizabeth up against any NY joint.

      • pizza in old bridge, nj blows

      • I am up north (north of the George), and I agree, the Italian food is actually outstanding. Bagels and Chinese food however are now sadly out of my rotation. I have a Fairway pretty close by, as well as a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe’s (no lines- EVER! Insane!), so I can get decent food for the house. I just really miss my rituals.

      • @pigiron. THe italian food in OB (where i am from) is actually really good as well. OB is a very italian neighborhood now. All brooklyn/SI ITalians have moved in and pretty much set OB straight. THe pizza, on the other hand, i dont like. THey even opened up an L&B there, but it’s just not the same.

  • hehehe. Frank’s is seriously amazing and so under the radar.

  • Meatball sub is pretty good. Also any of the chicken specials (marsala, francese, etc.) topped with a vegetable special on a hero(usually brocolli rabe or spinach) is pretty good.

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