Contributor Spotting: Doughnuts, Morini & Flushing

Do you wonder what the ML contributors do when they’re not eating lunch in Midtown? (They’re actually pretty easy to stalk!)

Ebelskivers from Shopsins
Photo courtesy of Blondie and Brownie

Danny had some decent dim sum at Royal Seafood in Manhattan’s Chinatown, Brownie was back at Shopsin’s eating ebilskivers (aka chocolate doughnut holes?!), Ultraclay somehow managed to score a reservation at the amazing looking Morini, Amy had eggs benedicts made with scones at Alice’s Tea Cup, and Chris H. had a great bowl of gamjatang at Guh Shee Gee in Flushing.

Curious about the other areas of the ML universe? Andrea discovers comfort food goodness Downtown at the Ear Inn, Jamie turns the Philly site over to Nick from My Inner Fatty who lets us know about a great Chinese spot inside a Sheraton Hotel, while I’m in Los Angeles wishing I went to college at UCLA.


  • Thanks for changing the heading. “Stalking” was waaaaay to awkward.

  • Well, Shopsin’s sounds good, but as my family is too large to get a table (we’re 5), I won’t be eating there.

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