Urban Lobster Shack Now Serving A Split Tail Lobster Roll


I was in Midtown on Friday getting “caught up” on all the lunches I’ve missed out on since moving to L.A., and between an amazing souvlaki on a stick (with lemon juice and salt) from Uncle Gussy’s (on 51st and Park) and out of control good bowl of tonkotsu ramen from Hide Chan I couldn’t help but notice this little sign posted in Urban Lobster Shack (in the basement food court on 3rd Ave. and 52nd).  I’m already a fan of their $10 lobster roll, and this one is clearly above the ML price limit, but I couldn’t resist seeing exactly what it was that extra $2 gets you.


A whole lobster tail, that’s what!  Served inside a buttered hot dog bun (key word being buttered.)  I’m kind of partial to the mayo (what can I say!?) and filler does extend the experience of eating a lobster roll while maintaining the cheaper price point (always a good thing).  But if you like the pure, unadulterated lobster, this is the sandwich for you.  Just a quick bit of warning… they’re made to order, so be prepared to wait at least a little bit.  It’s a small price to pay (both the waiting, and the actual price tag.)

Urban Lobster Shack, 805 3rd Ave. (btw. 49+50th) in the Basement

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  • DAMN. If it’s juicy lobster meat , then it looks like it might be worth the 12 and a try!

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