Free Pizza Alert

It’s National Pizza Month (who knew?) and according to the website I Dream of Pizza, Villa Pizza is celebrating by giving away free slices today to any customer who likes them on Facebook and prints out their coupon? There is one location in Port Authority, and another in Times Square (on 42nd btw.  7+8th.) Freeloaders with low pizza standards, engage.


  • Thanks for the tip. It’s good for a free cheese slice. So what is that, a $1 value for that area of midtown?

  • Hey free is free. Thanks!!!!!!

  • Thanks again!

    I printed two and hit up both locations (right across the street from each other and conveniently on my way home).

    I didn’t eat it. DH did. It sure didn’t look great. As I was waiting forever in each store for my free slice, I was checking out the other offerings of pastas and pizzas, and found myself having to seriously trying to keep myself from hurling. Boy the food looks disgusting there!
    They acted like I was the first one to present them with this coupon all day….and I was there really, really late, so hmmm…

    But free is free and DH says thanks Zach! :-)

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